TON MARTENS February 2017 > The Blue Notebook

February 2017 > The Blue Notebook

Medio February 2017 I was invited to make an artist page for the 2-yearly published magazine ‘The Blue Notebook’. A journal for artists’ books’ published by the University of the West of England in Bristol.

An impression of the studies made at the ‘Grafische Werkplaats’ in The Hague.

And the definite choise.

The text accompanying the image:

Back to his childhood: Martens’ father was a headmaster of an elementary school in a small village in The Netherlands. Every room in the house, he was brought up, had one or more bookcases. Even at the attic, where Ton had his sleeping room, were some cases, filled with all kind of books about history, biology, literature, geography, physics etc.  Playing at the attic and exploring by ‘reading’ the pictures in these books was his favourite activity on rainy afternoons. While downstairs his father was smoking his pipe and was studying his books.  At a young age, for Martens, ’books’ were transformed into ‘objects’ which had to be cherished.