TON MARTENS Stempels van juffrouw Giegengack

Stempels van juffrouw Giegengack

Publication 14 x 16,5 cm, in an edition of 10 copies.

Part of the first iteration of No Todo – Niet Alles at Johan Deumens Archive curated by Inez Piso, 2019

Ton Martens made cut outs from his old school notebook dating back to 1953. As a young boy learning how to write, he would repeat with utmost dedication and concentration each letter of a word in his notebook. The schoolteacher Miss. Giegengack would reward him with a beautiful stamp for his effort. This publication zooms in on those stamps and creates random links between the words and the image of the stamp as well as it cuts the repeated word in half and leaves a meaningless sound that only consists in form. As Ton Martens writes:

‘I am wearing my short pants and I am sitting in the schoolbanks. Miss Giegengack gives us back our notebooks.  When I open mine, I see a fresh stamp on my writing.
The image, bright pink, fine-lined, its ink leaves a slight stain on my finger.’