Cassette with 78 sheets, format A4.
Each sheet is printed on both sides* on a Risograph duplicator.
Size of the cassette: 328 x 224 x 25 mm
The sheets are hold together with two paper clamps, so you have a ‘book’ experience, but the loose-leaf sheets can also be viewed separately on hand.
Edition of 36 copies, signed and numbered
Price: € 450, – including VAT, ex shipping.

* In 2013 the Graphic Workshop in The Hague invited me, together with six other artists, to create ‘something’ on their newly purchased Risograph printer, I proposed the following:
In ± 20 years there has been growing, next to my photocopier, a pile of
‘failed’ and / or unnecessary photocopies. With the idea to use the other side of the paper ‘next time’. . .
I have selected interesting images and printed these images as ‘collages’ on top of each other.
It became a mixture of fun, color and coincidences.

The cassette is printed in screen printing.

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