In 2000 the relationship between the Netherlands and Japan lasted for 400 years. For this event I planned a work journey of 6 weeks from Hirado, Nagasaki, Deshima to Edo, today’s Tokyo. Along this route, in the footsteps of Dutch merchants, I made combinations of rubbings and photographs. And selected places which were related to our shared history or which I found interesting and remarkable. Click here to see the rubbings.
The complete series consists of 82 pairs [= photo + frottage].
Here you will see some examples. Later I will show them all.

The pictures are available in three sizes:
420 x 600 mm for € 225,-
700 x 1000 mm for € 350,-
840 x 1200 mm for € 475,-
Including VAT, ex shipping.
Signed and numbered [Edition of 10 photographs]
Printed on a Canon ImagePROGRAF printer with Lucia ink on museum paper.

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Court Journey Photographs