TON MARTENS Grafiek Biënnale 2014 in Pulchri Studio

Grafiek Biënnale 2014 in Pulchri Studio

Marijke Verhoef & Maayke Schuitema invited me to participate in the national Grafiek Biënnale 2014, that will be held in Pulchri Studio in The Hague. Approximately 65 artists will take part in this exhibition.

In the Tuinzaal (Gardensalon), I will show almost all pages from my book OVER PRINT, plus two “collections”. In the Mesdagzaal part of a frottage that I have made of the floor of the water reservoir that is part of the water tower at Wantij in Dordrecht. Nowadays it is called Villa Augustus – a hotel, restaurant en garden.

Apart from the 4 sheets of this frottage, well framed and hanging in the Wantijzaal, I have never shown the whole work to the public before.

This seemed the right opportunity to at least show part of that whole in the Mesdagzaal. Villa Augustus’ board of directors, who own the work, agreed, so I collected the sheets from the custom drawer in which they are kept in the hotel lobby, to show them in Pulchri.


To show how this part of the frottage relates to the whole work, I made these folded sheets.




And OVER PRINT, as seen in De Tuinzaal: